Friday, August 06, 2004

Promo Brochure

Promo Brochure
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Well, here's our promotional brochure!

Sign up for Garage today!

Four Good Reasons To Sign Up
1. Featuring our Live Garage Band!
2. Great Music!
3. Good Finger Food!
4. Fantastic Bargains from our Garage Sale

Sign up as a group of 4 and a 5th person comes for free!

*We are also providing you with a free 1 hour drums/guitar/keyboard workshop to get you playing the music that you enjoy!

We're also including a hour of free LAN Gaming at our iKonx Internet Centres as well as a 20% Sportslink Voucher.

All these for only $5 per person.

So drop us an email and with your contact information and we will be happy to send you an invitation! (Admission by invitation only.)

*Subject to availability of instructor

Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Garage

Here's what the Garage looks like. (Van not included) Full 5 piece band set up. Huge rear white screen projection. And lots of hanging out space!

The Garage
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Welcome To Our Garage!

Thank for dropping by. Do feel free to hang out and check out Our Garage!