Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Feb 18 Garage @ 6:30pm! Sign up! Highlights!

Feb 18 Garage Brochure
Originally uploaded by The Garage.
Our brochures are out! Contact the Garage crew to pick one up! Sign up now to avoid disappoinment as seats ARE limited. Call 6743-2330 or email for reservations!

Signing up will entitle you for a free introductory lesson in guitar, bass or drums!

Jokingly, this Garage is the 'heartbreak edition' and so we're serving a special V-Day 7 Course Sampler! And here's the menu:

French loaf

Main Course
Shepherd’s Pie
Fried Chicken Wings
Butter Rice with Raisins


Plus a welcome drink! Soda lime mint cocktail.

We are located at Emmanuel House, No. 10 Lorong 27A Geylang. It's really near Aljunied MRT! Really!

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moody said...

Chicken wings!!!! mmmmmm and i believe we will all be sitting round some ultra cool super duper aluminium tables and chat the evening away in between bites (and when there is nothing happening on stage).