Friday, January 28, 2005

Here's a peek!

Dec 04 Garage
Originally uploaded by The Garage.
Wondering how Garage looks like, well here's a pic from our last Garage in December.

The most happenning car park in Singapore:
Hanging out with friends. Picture of the band's gear in the background against out large wide projection screen.


moody said...

Just in case you may not know, you have nothing to fear about wet weather once you get here. We have an ultra cool super duper piece of waterproof canvas that spreads over our air well to keep out the droplets of water that would otherwise "dampen" our time. How about that for wet weather program? Cool huh?

Roy said...

Yup yup! Rain or shine! We'll be there! But the weather's been quite hot... but good thing we'll have some cool music as well as a nice cool welcome drink! U coming yet?